Mentorship Programme

We are so excited to introduce our Mentorship Program. This is for anyone who plan on starting their own skincare line or Medspa and will love to elevate their knowledge professionally, get guidance from our Head esthetician- Ololade Fasuba, be under her mentorship and tutelage as they journey through their skincare career.

Are you looking for more help with your skincare business?

Do you need a little extra help with your products? Please continue reading…

Our founder and head esthetician’s strengths are product formulation/development, advanced facial treatments & branding strategy. After launching and growing her own brand from scratch and helping a lot of people with their skincare, she is able to offer private coaching & consulting for skincare entrepreneurs who need a little bit of extra help to elevate their business and break down common barriers in their business! Includes: 1 x 60 min video/phone call or face to face meeting.

Price: N50,000 (additional hours will be billed at the same rate)

Here are some of the areas where she can help:

* Formulation assistance

* Advanced facial treatments

* Product review & feedback

* Other? Let us know what you need help with.

*Please note: The topics above are covered and included in the hour consulting. If you require more in-depth information, these are available only through her one-on-one exclusive coaching.


Her exclusive consulting is a detailed service to accelerate your brand launch or help you grow your product line and boost sales. You get access to all of the knowledge that she has acquired over the years. If you are a skincare entrepreneur wanting to take action to achieve your goals and build a skincare business that you love, she is here to help guide and support you. Being an entrepreneur in the pursuit of a dream can sometimes be a lonely and stressful journey. She understands the challenges such as not knowing how to approach retailers, struggling with sales, finding influencers, the lack of direction, doubting yourself, your product, your brand, and wanting to find someone who has been in your shoes and who can help. We will start with an in-depth call or meeting where she will learn about your story, hopes, challenges and goals with your skincare brand. She will share some insights with you and help you build a strategy to successfully launch or grow your brand. She will provide feedback and help you put your plan to action and implement it. Please book at least 1 month in advance. For inquiries or bookings, kindly email and we will get back to you.

Exclusive coaching Includes:

* Monthly calls or face to face meetings about formulations, product developments, advanced facial treatments, setting up a medspa and more for 6 months.

* Branding & marketing

* Other? Let me know what you need help with.

Price N150,000

Mentorship Programme

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